We are working on several new and maybe better cases for the stationary particle matter sensor. You can find the .svg-file at this dropbox linksvg-file at this dropbox linksvg-file at this dropbox link.


How to assemble this case:


First: screw the SDS011 particle matter sensor and the ESP8266. Make sure that the USB port is above the USB labeld place. It might be a good idea to stick togehter the cables before. We have not done this here.


There are little round place holders you can use to screw everything in place.


Then attach the back plate to the ground plate.


Attach the side with the whole for the temperature and humidity sensor in the hole. You might move the pins at the DHT22 (temperature and humidity) backwards. So you can attach the cables more easily.


Then put in the other side, the micro usb cabel should fit.


Put the screw nut into the holes.


Screw it tight.


Now you can also attach or glue the blackforrest icons we put on the plate. Have fun with the deer, the spruce tree or the leaf. You may also paint the entire case.