This is the idea: You connect the Particle Matter sensor to your phone – in this case an android Phone and then you have ann app on your phone that measures the air quality.

For this you will need:

So far I have used this to measure the airquality in my gym, while vacuuming my house and in the university computer lab. I can not say how accurate these measurements were and if vibrations or any other enviromental factors have an influence on it.

I have not programmed the APK File myself and I provide it here only as a courtesy: (Download via Dropbox)

The source code for file can be found at this GitHub repository. There are several issues open.

Currently the app only show the current measurement and some graphics.

How to improve?

We want to improve the usability of this app. And are planning to:

  • Have proper logs with PM 10, PM 2.5, GPS, position, height, accelaration, time
  • Implement an export and share function, with csv and kml
  • manuel starting of loggin, + ending + entering „events“,
  • data can shared via standard sharing menu of android
  • make the app produce meaningful graphics (PM10, PM2.5.)
  • interall of measurement can be adjusted (always, – 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min)


We would like to have:

  • Warning when above 50 yg/m3
  • warning when above who standards, 20 yg/m3
  • social media sharing: e.g. picture + graph, current value, gps to twitter, fb, instagramm

If you are able an willing to contribute and help, plese feel free to contact us.

Once this is done we will also put the app into the google play store.