Peter Fürle has sent me a python script for a Twitterbot and I have now also run on my little Rasperry Pi Zero W. This has now a slightly different purpose:

He checks around 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23 by 5 every 3 hours the PM10 values ​​of the Freiburg fine dust sensors. The following sensors are currently being registered: 533, 1224, 1288, 928, 1210, 1264, 1685, 1615, 1667. Further sensors follow.

You can find the Code on GitHub:

If you want to set up a twitter bot yourself, you only need a Rasperry Pie with Raspibian, a twitter developer account and the numbers of the sensors to read. The sensor numbers can be found on the map and instructions like the rest goes on this blog and in the links

Everyone can use it as much as he likes. I look forward to many new fine dust alarms in many new cities.

The procedure is as follows: create an email address, create a twitter account, connect with the mobile number, create a bot, then put on the Rasperry pie, there the code and the cronjob. Detailed description I have linked.

You can find more infos about this project on my blog: